Wahshi Kuhi

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I’m an artist and human rights activist from Kurdistan, Iran. I was born in Bokan in 1979 and grew up with war. Unlike the other children I was always frightened. All my family members were politically committed, my father went to jail two times. My family is today spread all over the world.

For political reasons I had to flee from my native country at the age of 23. I studied Art at the Salahaddin University-Hawler (SUH) in Erbil, Iraq, and graduated in Plastic Art with a B.Sc.

Now I am living in Berlin. My muse and beloved wife Kurdistan Zrar is still in Iraq where we have been living for seven years. I miss her every day.

I do contemporary art, most of my works are political. I prefer working with installations and live performances. I believe in freedom, peace and equality of all men and women. That is what I was, am and will fighting for.


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