Nomadic Arts Festival: concept

‘the nomad is a […] intensive, multiple entity,
functioning in a net of interconnections […]
the site of multiple connections.’
-Rosi Braidotti (Nomadic Subject)

Nomadic Arts Festival is an international mobile project, which focuses on the local communities, through arts and cultural practices. It has taken place in rural Poland, the busy city quarters of San Lorenzo, Rome and in a neighbourhood in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The aim is to focus on local communities and create events, which both seek to celebrate, cultivate and strengthen local relations, while simultaneously seeking a critical understanding on how people engage in the places they live within. Thus, each festival is unique to its local context and responds directly to the community by involving local initiatives and citizens.

 In 2020/2021 Nomadic Arts Festival is working will the local community of Vindekilde, in Dragsholm, Denmark.


Nomadic Arts Festival is produced with Tracing the Pathway, an artist-led collective that explore the relationships between body, site and encounter. As artists, curators, and researchers, they produce site or situation-specific interdisciplinary artworks and events. Their work develops microcosmic worlds as catalysts for exploration and exchange. Their processes are soft, processual and organic, developing a practice that is always open-ended and subject to change. 

Visit Tracing the Pathway’s website here