PAS | Workshop

PAS # 49 | Neighbourhood
17. – 26. September 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia

In cooperation with Nomadic Performance Art Festival
with BBB Johannes Deimling
12 places available

The PAS #49 study is focusing on the notion of neighbourhood through an ecological
scope as eco derives from the Greek word Oikos, which means “house”. The idea of the
oikos has a strong image to the notion of neighbourhood as it not only refers to the
building of a house, but also everything else that supports it, such as atmosphere, the
garden, weather, relations, smell etc. Thus an oikos can be seen as “larger than a
house/home”, but something, which actually begins to consider the
neighbourhood/community around it, as well as recognizing its dependence of its
surroundings. Dancer and Performer Simon Whitehead offers a similar idea of home:
‘the body is the ‘first home’, and the place or territory where we live is a ‘second home’,
or perhaps something that is made through a heightened sense of awareness to where
we are. The ‘third’ home is the home you discover when you start interacting with the
assemblage body and environment to produce something new.’

Combining Whitehead’s thoughts with the concepts of performance art, which, among
other things, can be considered as a social art form, the ‘third home’ offers a very
interesting context to PAS #49, in which new modes of performance can be developed.
Participants of the study will have the chance to research, discover and explore a specific
area of Bratislava. The area is situated at the periphery of the “Old Town” – surrounding
the Contemporary Cultural Centre A4 – and is a mix of different kinds of architecture,
calm areas and markets and empty spots between buildings, while hidden behind the
main train station and the busy street Sancova. This Neighbourhood, with its diverse
possibilities, will be the subject of the #49 study, where site-specific, long durational
performances and interactive forms of art-making are in the focus of how to adjust and
enhance an artistic ephemeral concept of performative art.

The challenge of the researchers will be the questions of how to access private and
public space in this area and how far it is possible to include the local people in the PAS
activities. Neighbourhood is thus meant as a metaphor for how we react to what
surrounds us rather than using the space for individual work.
Following to the topic of PAS #49 we will research different performance art practices
and create an experimental setting in which we will work towards an individual and/or
collective performance work which will be presented as part of the Nomadic
Performance Art Festival 2016: Neighbourhood and Territory, in the public realm of the

PAS | Performance Art Studies:

– To develop a Performance Art piece with 10 days of technical, pedagogical and artistic
– To investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises, experiments, games
and assignments in various conditions both in and outdoors with a specific focus on:
space, body, time, material, concentration. Work will be made in groups and individually.
– A final public presentation of the performance (media promotion, poster, mailing) and final celebration party – Video and photo documentation of the final presentation completed by the PAS photographer – Publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites – Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in Bratislava – Meeting and collaborating with other like-minded people from other countries – Encounters, lectures and discussions with invited artists – Context of the place, history and culture
– The studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art. The range of ages in the past was from 13 to 72 and the level of experience is not a criterion for you to participate in PAS studies. The group is usually composed of international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

– PAS studies takes place with at least 8 participants.


16. September 2016 arrival
17. – 23. September 2016: practical studies and researches
24. – 25. September 2016: final presentation as part of the festival
26. September 2016: reflection and departure

– Teaching language is English

Application – Closing date for applications 20. August 2016 – Send your application (CV and work examples) to

Price – Price: € 350 – Price does not include travel and accommodation costs

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