Andrea Boldišová

Andrea Boldišová

Studied photography at the Department of Art Communication, Faculty of Mass Media Commuication in Trnava, Slovakia. During doctoral studies she was colaborating in Studio of contemporary photography and working as a curator at the Gallery of Ľudovít Hlaváč FMK UCM in Trnava. Aside from pedagogical and academic activities her works comprises mostly of documentary photography and subjective photography. Her works were displayed individually or as a part of a collective in Slovakia, Czech republic and Austria.

As part of Nomadic she will be exhibiting her work Frailness:

The project “Frailness“ opens stories and reflects the existential feelings of young people walking through lives. There are times when one finds himself facing foreing environment and crossing the boundaries, either those of his homeland or his comfort zone. Not always ideal, one’s businees and life experience is what one uses to find his place in the world, the society, and within him.

A kind of inner monologue, a rumination over one’s life, the pictures are a sensitive account of an inner life, feelings, dreams, as well as disappointments.

The pictures give an opportunity to ponder the questions of identity of a young person in an era full of paradoxes, tensions and expectations.

Curated by Petra Cepková


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